The ultimate dating arrangement

If only we could be this honest when dating. No games just pure honest communication. Writer/director: Shawn Wines Producer: Brooke Sebold Starring: Josette Barchilon and Adam Lustick Contact:

Giving Up

Giving up? – UPDATED

Here’s a guy I met through an online dating site about 6 years ago. We talked on the phone once. After about 6 months, he started contacting me regularly every … Read more

Dating Phone Etiquette

Phone Etiquette

After several annoying and lengthy text conversations, we finally talked on the telephone.  It wasn’t the greatest conversation as I didn’t feel a ‘spark’ of any kind. There were many … Read more

No Refills

No Free Refills

I remember a guy I used to date years ago. He was 40. I was 30. We had a great time together whether we stayed in or went out do … Read more