No Free Refills

I remember a guy I used to date years ago. He was 40. I was 30. We had a great time together whether we stayed in or went out do dinner but there was always something that seemed a little off.

After about a month of dating, I finally figured it out.

We were at a restaurant eating dinner. Nothing pricey. Nothing fancy. Just a great neighborhood place. He finished his Diet Coke pretty fast and the waitress asked if he’d like another. He asked if there were “free refills”. She responded “No, I’m sorry”. So he said, “Ok, then no thank you.”

When the waitress walked away, he snickered and commented about how steep it was to charge $1.50 for soda refills. I have to admit, I think it’s a bit strange to charge for soda refills but I never deprive myself of a beverage when I’m thirsty. Especially not while on a date early in a relationship!

He was a cheapskate. Needless to say, we stopped dating shortly after.