Run your fingers through my hair, please!

I had a date with a really cute guy once. I was fixed up by some friends. He said he was dying to go out with me. He had a great head of hair and I commented at dinner how lucky he was to have such great hair.

We really hit it off and when he drove me home, we started to kiss in his car. It was then that he said, quite passionately:

I want to feel you run your fingers through my hair.

So I did. I reached up with both hands and started my fingers through his temples and up towards the top and back when I felt it. It was not actually his hair. He was wearing an almost full-head toupee and I nearly pulled it off.

Things got awkward very quickly. I said goodnight and got out of the car.

Needless to say, he never called me again.

1 thought on “Run your fingers through my hair, please!”

  1. I was in a parking lot many years ago, it was March and very windy. This handsome guy and his date were getting out of their car. The guy got out first, and went to his dates car door. He was very dark, and tall. He was dressed very sharply. He had very Black hair, and it was nicely styled. As he opened the door, with a broad smile, he opened the door. :Just like on cue”….The wind picked up, and it gusted very hard, so hard that the guy’s black hair moved….So much, in fact…It flipped forward, exposing a very bald pate. Needless to say, he was humiliated. He reached up, and pushed it back in place. His date was polite, but I figured it was their last date…..Oh well!!!!

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